Interview: Lily Clayton Hansen, Word of Mouth Conversations

In December, we chat with Lily Clayton Hansen, founder of Word of Mouth Conversations. In the interview, we discuss why Lily moved to Nashville from Chicago and how she translated her journalism background into creating her own brand. We also discuss opportunities that have arisen out of Lily’s book success. Examples include an exhibit in the Nashville airport and producing a book for HCA’s 50th Anniversary. Furthermore, we look to Lily’s future and discuss endeavors she is looking forward to pursuing in 2019. You can follow Lily @lilychansen and learn more about her books at:

Interview: Disney Petit, Postmates

November’s interview is with Disney Petit, co-creator of the Postmates Civic Labs team. In the interview, we discuss why Postmates chose Nashville to open their largest office. Disney also passionately educates us on the opportunity tech companies have to build community oriented tech on top of their existing infrastructures and how easy, inexpensive, and beneficial it is to start a volunteer program. Disney sheds light on the Nashville tech scene and the collaborative nature of Silicon Valley companies who have planted a flag here, such as Lyft, Eventbrite, and Houzz.

Interview: Chris Larkins, Pichoslap Development

October’s interview is with Chris Larkins, owner and founder of Pichoslap Development. In the interview, we discuss why Chris started his development company, the significance behind the name “pichoslap”, and how Chris intentionally manages his time so that he can invest time in his family. We also talk about the importance of identifying your strengths and weaknesses in business and finding those to work with who can fill in the gaps for you. Be sure to follow Chris and his company at @pichoslapdevelopment.

Interview: Derrick Billups, City Fit

September’s interview is with Derrick Billups, owner and founder of City Fit Concierge. In the interview, we discuss the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, pros and cons of running a fitness business in the south, how to play to your strengths and outsource your weaknesses. We also discuss the importance of partnerships and cross promoting, and the role that technology is playing in fitness in 2018. Be sure to follow Derrick at @bodybybillups and City Fit Concierge @cityfitconcierge.

Interview: Adam Williams, Retail Redeveloped and Legacy Real Estate Advisors

In August’s episode I chat with Adam Williams of the Retail Redeveloped Podcast. Adam is a commercial real estate broker based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We crossed passed last April at the Food for Thought Conference in New Orleans.

In our chat, we discuss similarities and differences of Charlotte and Nashville. Topics include holes and what is overdone in each market, as well as the rise of boutique fitness and co-working. We also talk about different technology we use in our real estate practice and the important questions that need to be addressed before investing time in a new client.

Interview: Dani Dyer, Dani D. Fitness

July’s interview is with Dani Dyer, owner and founder of Dani D. Fitness. In the interview, we discuss what it is like to run your own business, the importance of mentors, Dani’s journey to becoming a positive body activist and how she uses her story to mentor her clients. We also discuss the challenges of breaking down stereotypes around fitness and food in the south, and how Nashville’s tight-knit fitness community has inspired Dani in her fitness work in Williamson and Rutherford counties.
Be sure to check out Dani’s two upcoming events in early August, Find your Fit Franklin and Find your Fit Murfreesboro. You can learn more about Dani and her services on her website.

Interview: Robyn Donnelly and Katie MacLachlan, Walden Bar and Crush It Harder

May’s interview is with Robyn and Katie, owners of The Walden Bar and Crush It Harder. In the interview, we discuss how they met, how they got to Nashville, and how they balance running and working for multiple companies. We also discuss the different aspects of running a bar, how they went about finding a second generation space, and what it takes to convince a landlord to lease their space. Robyn and Katie also give us some of their personal Nashville recommendations.

Be sure to check out Walden’s website and social media accounts for upcoming events. Also learn more about Crush it Harder’s consulting services. Some bars that provided inspiration for The Walden are Sunswick, First and South, and Suffolk Arms. Robyn and Katie also recommend the services of Hannah Schneider Creative.

Interview: Curtis Harrington, Legal Libations

April’s interview is with Curtis Harrington. Curtis is a founding partner of Farmer Purcell White & Lassiter. A large portion of Curtis’s work is with small businesses who are effected by alcoholic beverage laws and licensing, as well as cannabis and hemp industry law and licensing. His expertise also includes but is not limited to contract negotiation, business formation, and entertainment-related matters. Curtis also authors a blog which can be found at which focuses on alcoholic beverage and cannabis industry matters.

In our conversation, Curtis discusses his experience representing beer and other alcoholic beverage manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and distributors, as well as retailers such as bars, restaurants, and retail package stores on the ever-evolving legal landscape relating to the alcoholic beverage and cannabis/hemp industries.

It is evident that Curtis is passionate about the niche areas of law he practices in and that he can serve as a resource for businesses large and small, whether the business is still in the dream and planning stages or the business has operated for decades and is looking to expand or change.

For a guide to Nashville’s breweries, check out Nashville Guru’s Nashville Breweries Guide.

Dynamic Duos

This week’s show features four entrepreneurial couples based in Nashville, TN. The common thread between each of the couples is that one spouse owns a business in the Food and Beverage space and the other spouse owns a business in the health and wellness space. Interviewees included: Jake Veyhl of Jake’s Bakes (recently acquired by Tiff’s Treats), Liz Veyhl of Small World Yoga and Nashville Paddle Co., Kelly Carter of Shakti Power Yoga, Chris Carter of Porter Road Butcher, Austin Ray of A. Ray Hospitality, Ashley Ray of Habitat Yoga, Wesley Adams of Bare Bones Butcher, and Maddie Teren who does freelance work for a growing list of clients, as well as teaches yoga and works for one of Nashville’s hottest hospitality groups. We observe takeaways and trends from answers given by all eight interviewees and the pros and cons of pursuing entrepreneurship in Nashville.

Interview: Kimberly Novosel, Verticity Cycling Studio

This week we speak with Kimberly Novosel of Verticity Cycling Studio, which is located in East Nashville. While many know her for the only fitness studio in Nashville whose loyal customer base has created their own hashtag – #ridebikesmakefriends – Kimberly also co-owns Alternate Routes adventure travel planning company and provides brand and personal development services via Be Elsewhere. In this episode we discuss everything from the difference between Nashville and its peer cities to Kimberly’s tactics to staying committed to practicing what she preaches.