Interview: Robyn Donnelly and Katie MacLachlan, Walden Bar and Crush It Harder

May’s interview is with Robyn and Katie, owners of The Walden Bar and Crush It Harder. In the interview, we discuss how they met, how they got to Nashville, and how they balance running and working for multiple companies. We also discuss the different aspects of running a bar, how they went about finding a second generation space, and what it takes to convince a landlord to lease their space. Robyn and Katie also give us some of their personal Nashville recommendations.

Be sure to check out Walden’s website and social media accounts for upcoming events. Also learn more about Crush it Harder’s consulting services. Some bars that provided inspiration for The Walden are Sunswick, First and South, and Suffolk Arms. Robyn and Katie also recommend the services of Hannah Schneider Creative.